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Welcome to the Long Island Coalition for Life!

The Long Island Coalition for Life is dedicated to protecting innocent human life from fertilization to natural death through education, legislative action, prayer and peaceful presence.


We invite you to join us in building communities where:

  • Abortion isn't accepted as an instant fix to our social problems;
  • The disabled aren't treated like they'd be better off dead;
  • Those at the end of life aren't having their deaths hastened by healthcare workers or family;
  • Human embryos aren’t killed as tools of science instead of being loved as the children they are.

Conception To Birth - thevisualMD



Nobody can do Everything; but Everyone can do Something

As you browse our website, we hope you find the "something" you can do in promoting the right to life message.

Thank you!



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Important Dates


Unmask Planned Parenthood
At PP fundraiser at the Milleridge Inn, Jericho.

We'll stand along Rts 106/107 (Broadway).
Signs provided.


General Meeting
St. Regis K of C Hall, Pond Rd/Rosevale Ave, Ronkonkoma


Albany lobby trip and/or participation in March For Life NY. Call/e-mail LICL for details and bus seat reservation now.